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Interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB)

 In the last decade  researchers from different places in the world are moving from “one person psychology” towards ” two person psychology” which emphasizes the significance of the interplay between two subjects and the importance of an interpersonal approach.

This is augmented by scientific studies that are beginning to elucidate the regulatory role of interpersonal interactions.
The interpersonal Neurobiology tradition which are being led by reseachers as Alan Schore, Daniel Siegel Lewis cozolino.

While Biofeedback therapists begun to use concepts derived from the polyvagal theory of Porges, The addition of IPNB findings and concepts like mirror neurons and resonance circuitry (Iacoboni) the social brain (Cozolino), and the power of right-brain to right-brain communication in developing the circuits of emotion regulation (Schore) this can pave the way to change the way we do biofeedback.

The IPNB model suggest that biofeedback therapist will notice the importance of their own feeling and behavior on their patient.

Adding interpersonal neurobiology concepts to the field of biofeedback can really take our profession from its somewhat isolated position in the psychology world to the cutting age theory of IPNB.

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