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We have created a group of clinicians who are interested in enhancing the therapeutic process. 

Here we will  describe an application that is designed to support psychotherapy on a few levels. Firstly it offers a way to maintain the momentum created in a given therapeutic session by letting the therapist and patient co-create a “a reminder that encapsulates a therapeutic insight that is perceived meaningful, central and important. The Resonator follows the patients in their daily life allowing them to maintain the therapeutic content in their consciousness, let it process between meetings and more often than not digest and change these insights over time. Resonators include images, audio and/or videos and supporting text that defines the main theme of the Resonator. The system assumes that the process for creating these reminders is as important as the reminder itself as it provides the framework for therapist and patient to “resonate” and hence the name ”Resonators”©. Resonate means sync and focus their (patient and therapist) understanding on what the issues are that they are working on, what the common language is to describe these issues and what may help the patients overcome their issue. Another aspect of resonation is the impact of the Resonator/reminder on the patient. The challenge is creating Resonators that are meaningful and provoking for the patient and as part of the path for reaching that goal, the patient and therapist often go through a thorough process. Another aspect ofth Resonators system, is the ability for a bi-directional communication between therapist and patient with the purpose of allowing to patient to report in-vivo during real life experiences.



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